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Watch Bill Seeley's Anodizing Video!

See how easy it is to anodize Niobium!

SMT Micro Anodizer for Niobium & Titanium

SMT Micro Anodizer

0-120 Volts, 0-1Amp and solid state. Precision 10 turn voltage control.  Bath size up to 1.5 quarts and precision control. The perfect power supply for one of a kind and production anodizing. Full digital voltage and amperage meters. The output is pure, smooth DC.  Includes two sets of color coded leads, one pair of rubber gloves (specify Small, Medium or Large), one foot length of Stainless Steel Cathode, one sheet Spark Guard Mesh, full instructions and the Studio Preparation and Coloring of Titanium, by Bill Seeley.  One year manufacturers warranty. Input 110-127Vac=/-10%, 50-60Hz +/-2%.  Dimensions: 7"H x 5"W x 10"D (180mmW x 130mmH x 300mmD), Weight 15 lbs (6.8kg). For electricity above 110v a step down transformer is required.  












SMT Starter Kit

Includes the SMT Micro, Magic Wand, Niobium Mini Grabber, Small Parts Basket and TSP-PF.


Add a Titanium Starter Kit (sheet/wire assortment)   $356.01

Add a Niobium Starter Kit  (sheet/wire assortment)   $380.53

Commercial Anodizer


Optimized for commercial anodizing applications.  Full 0-160 volts and 0-10 amps.  Easily control and view your voltage and amperage on a digital screen.  Output pausing for voltage changes or to quickly shut down electricity in the bath.  Extremely quiet when running.  

Includes 36" black and red alligator clip leads, one foot length of stainless steel cathode, full instructions and Studio Preparation & Coloring of Titanium.  Power Factor Corrected for 100-240 Vac, 47-63 Hz. Comes with a US Plug.  For international use you will need a plug adapter.

5.7"H x 8.4"W x 17.7"D.  12 pounds.     2 Year manufacturer warranty.


0-160 volts DC, 0-10 amps  $2116.74

Nb Magic Wand© 

How do you manage to not get your alligator clip lead into the bath and still color your pieces?  The Nb Magic Wand© is the answer!

Just place your piece(s) into our Small Parts Basket, place it in your bath, plug the Nb Magic Wand© into the red jack and touch your pieces with the wand.  Voile!  Thick shrink tube covers a heavy pre-anodized Niobium rod for easy handling. 6" wand with a 30" heavy duty lead.

$36.91 each


Magic Wand
Magic Wand

Alligator Clip Leads, Red or Black                  $15.99 each

Gloves, Small, Medium or Large                      $2.00 pair

Cathode Strip, Stainless Steel, 3" width          $1.00/foot

MINI Grabber with Niobium Tip

This is our exclusive non-corroding submersible (up to 1/4" depth) MINI Grabber.  The contact is .025" niobium wire with a stainless steel spring and glass filled insulation.  The jaw is very small and will help prevent contact marks on delicate work. The banana plugs are stackable so you can run multiple grabbers or fabricate a "ganged" group for production anodizing.  36" leads.

$16.52 each

Niobium Mini Grabber

Ganged for Production

Niobium Mini Grabber


Niobium Grabber

TSP-PF Electrolyte

No phosphates!  Environmentally safe electrolyte. Works just like the tri-sodium phosphate we have recommended for years without the phosphate pollution.  1/2 cup per gallon distilled water. The 16 oz. box makes four gallons of electrolyte.  Low sudsing, clear, simply the right stuff.


$7.23 each

Small Parts Anodizing Basket

Small Parts Anodizing Basket

This is how RMS does thousands of small parts.  Using our Nb Magic Wand lead, the parts in the basket are then stirred as they come up to the desired color.  4" diameter, all plastic mesh and frame.

$9.00 each

Small Parts Basket

Spark Guard Mesh

Protect your work from accidental shorts.  Accidentally touching the cathode and anode can damage your work and maybe even the anodizer.  Cut to fit and wrap around the inside of your bath.  Sandwich your cathode strip between the mesh and the wall of the bath.  A little needle and thread or small zip ties and you can make your own small baskets for anodizing special products.   8.25" x 11" # 14 mesh sheet. 

$1.41 each

Anodic Paintbrush Leads

The easy way to create your own masterpieces!  Just plug in the lead to the black jack on your anodizer, dip into electrolyte and "paint" on your niobium or titanium that has been clipped to your red (anode) lead.  Great for use with PnP Blue Transfer Paper and any of our Mighty Masks or Lace Tapes or just free hand it for all you Van Goghs out there!  Heavy duty wire soldered to the ferrule and covered with a thick adhesive shrink tube will ensure years of problem free painting.  7-8" brush with a 24" cord.

Paint brushes
Anodic Paintbrush Lead

Size 3/0 Round (approx 0.4mm at bristle base) $28.75 each

Anodic Paintbrush Lead
Lace tape painted niobium

Sample painted using our

Paint Brush Leads and

#L2 Lace Tape as a resist

Size 2 Round (approx 2mm at bristle base) $28.75 each

Anodic Paintbrush Lead

Size 6 Round (approx 4mm at bristle base) $28.75 each

Anodic Paintbrush Lead

Size 1/4" Flat (approx 6mm at bristle base) $28.75 each

Niobium patterned disc

Sample painted using our

Paint Brush Leads and

 an Inca Niobium Patterned Disc

Paintbrush Lead Kit, 1 of each of the 4 sizes, Save 10%!       $103.52 each

Anodic Marker Lead

Now you can "write" or "draw" anodize with complete control of your electrolyte. The pump action marker makes it super easy.  Just fill the marker with electrolyte using the included dropper.  Depress the tip to release the electrolyte. Too much? Dab on a paper towel. Too little? Depress again. Use on niobium or titanium that has been clipped to your red (anode) lead.  Great for use with any of our Mighty Masks or

Lace Tapes or just free hand it.  Replacement 2mm tips available. Ships with plastic dropper.  5" marker with a 28" cord.  Developed in partnership with Reactive Metals Studio Inc by John S. Miller.

Marker Lead

2mm Anodic Marker Lead             $44.35 each

2 pack replacement tip                   $6.48 each

Replacement Dropper                       $.60 each

Replacement Rubber Stopper         $1.69 each


Sample made using our

Marker Lead and

Mighty Mask as a resist


Sample made using our

Marker Lead and

Lace Tapes L4 & C2 as a resist

Scotch-Brite Pads

Similar to the grocery store variety pot scrubbers, but loaded with sharp abrasives!  Their soft, flexible action follows the contours of your work for an even scratch finish.  Unlike sandpaper, these pads do not remove metal.  6" x 9" pads.

Niobium Disc Earrings

Earrings using Mighty Masks, Scotch Brite Pads & Nb Reg Loops

Ultra fine silicon carbide                $2.45 each

Fine aluminum oxide                     $2.64 each

Coarse silicon carbide                   $4.27 each

scotch brite abrasive pads
Scotch Brite Pads

Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Pads

Handy for doing small jobs and repair projects.  Great for removing anodizing on raised surfaces.  The foam core provides additional flexibility and conformity, while being easy to hold and operate.  Silicon carbide crystals on a resilient layer over cloth back.  2" x 2" pads.  Available in 100MX, 120MX, 150MX, 180MX, 240MX, 320MX, 360MX & 400MX.  Specify grit size.

Soft Touch Pads

                                                                                         $1.67 each

Soft Touch Kit, 1 of each of the 8 grits, Save 10%!       $12.05 each

soft touch abrasive pads

What can I do with my anodizer?


Rainbow niobium

In this example we've done a simple rainbow.  Just pull the piece out of the bath while turning up the voltage.


sanded niobium

In this example we've sanded with our Scotch Brite Pads in different directions using our Surface Saver Tape to protect previously sanded areas, then anodized a single color.


painted niobium

In this example we've painted using Anodic Paintbrush Leads. Created by Marti Brown.


engraved niobium

In this example we've engraved, anodized, engraved again, anodized at a lower voltage, repeating this process until we were finished.

Photo Resisting

pnp on niobium

In this example we've used PnP Blue Image Transfer to apply our mask.  Then painted with our Anodic Paintbrush Leads, removed the mask and anodized at a lower voltage.


masked niobium

In this example we've masked our piece using Lace Tapes and our Circles Mighty Mask, anodized, then removed mask and re-anodized at a lower voltage.


textured and masked niobium

In this example we've used wire and glass beads to press texture into the niobium, then masked using Anodizers Tape. Sections of tape were freehand cut using our Soft Touch Knife and anodized at a lower voltage each time.


Sponge painted niobium

In this example we've used a sponge clipped to our cathode lead to "sponge paint".


embossed niobium

In this example we've embossed our niobium using a hydraulic press & texture plate, then anodized, sanded off the raised area with our Soft Touch Pads and anodized at a lower voltage. This is the same process we use on our Niobium Patterned Discs.


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