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Niobium (Nb) is named after Niobe, daughter of Tantalus. Ore reserves are found in Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, Zaire and Russia. Nb is used in pure and alloyed form in superconductors, sodium vapor lamps (street lights), rocket boosters and other aerospace applications.

Niobium is so slow to work harden that annealing is not necessary for most applications. (Annealing requires a high vacuum or an inert atmosphere furnace). The reactive metals cannot be soldered and must be joined with cold techniques, i.e. rivets, nuts & bolts, adhesives or special settings. Findings can be fusion welded with Sparkie welders or laser welded with an argon atmosphere. Highly formable and very colorable via anodizing, this is the most popular of the reactive metals. Hypoallergenic, nickel & lead free.  ASTM B392, 393 Type 2.

Flat Sheet

Niobium Sheet & Wire
Niobium sponge painting

Colors, scotch-brite texture, painting on Niobium

Our niobium is custom processed and annealed. Maximum 6x12 inches. Minimum 3x3 inches, larger in 3 inch increments only.  Other thicknesses and dimensions are available by special order.

                                      $/6" x 12"      $/sq inch

20 ga (.032"/.81mm)       409.68            5.69

24 ga (.020"/.51mm)       254.88            3.54

26 ga (.016"/.41mm)       226.08            3.14

28 ga (.013"/.33mm)       180.00            2.50

30 ga (.010"/.25mm)       139.68            1.94

Coil Sheet

This is our standard niobium in coil form with an "as rolled" finish.  Material has a slight curve from coiling. Sold in 6" x 6" pieces.  Annealed.

26 ga (.015"/.38mm)    $121.68

$/6" x 6"


Niobium Starter Kit

Includes: "Guide to Using the Reactive Metals", 4pp;  Sheet: 3"x 3"x 28ga, 1"x 3"x 24ga;  Wire: 1' 10 ga, 1' 16ga, 5' 18ga, 5' 20ga, 5' 24ga.

Save 15%!     $67.97

Niobium Starter Kit
Nb Kit

Niobium Twizzles

Crinkled Niobium sheet strips!  Easily bendable and cuttable.  Shape and color, sand off the tops of ridges and anodize a lower voltage for an interesting color effect!   

Sold in 40 gram lots which can contain various lengths from 3" - 18",  widths from 1/8" to 5/8" and thicknesses from 30ga and 28ga.   A 40 gram assortment is pictured along with a colored sample. *Note: weight may be +/- 1 gram.

40 grams    $64.37


Round Rod & Wire

Heavy stock for forging and machining is fully annealed and very soft. Available in coil and straight rod(STRT*). Gauges 12 through 24 used in findings and other forms are slightly cold worked or "half-hard".  Half-hard wire is still ductile and can be easily worked. Minimum - one foot, must order in full foot increments.

                                                               $/ ft

              4 ga    (.204"/5.18mm)STRT*    72.36  annealed

              6 ga    (.162"/4.12mm)             42.40 annealed

              8 ga    (.125"/3.18mm)             36.04 annealed

            10 ga    (.102"/2.59mm)             15.77 annealed

            12 ga    (.081"/2.06mm)            15.11 half-hard

            14 ga    (.064"/1.63mm)              6.69 half-hard

            16 ga    (.051"/1.30mm)              4.28 half-hard

            16 ga    (.051"/1.30mm)STRT      2.31 half-hard

            18 ga    (.040"/1.02mm)              2.66 half-hard

            20 ga    (.032"/0.81mm)              1.72 half-hard

            21 ga    (.029"/0.74mm)              1.65 half-hard

            22 ga    (.025"/0.64mm)              1.07 half-hard

            22 ga    (.025"/0.64mm)               1.07 annealed

            24 ga    (.020"/0.51mm)                .76 half-hard

            28 ga    (.013"/0.33mm)                 .39 annealed


•Atomic #41

•Atomic Weight 92.91

•Lattice-Body ctrd cubic

•Melting Pt 4474˚F/2468˚C

•Density .310 lb/in3

Precolored Niobium Wire

Ten foot(3.0m) individually packaged coils in eight outstanding colors.  Care should be taken with steel tools when manipulating this wire.  Tape the jaws of pliers and other tools to protect the colors or use our Nylon pliers.  Combine color and size for quantity price breaks.

                                      COST PER 10' COIL

                                         ea          5+         10+

                        24 ga   $13.92    $12.24    $10.32

                        22 ga     17.55      14.88      13.01

                        20 ga     25.06      22.03      18.58

Color Scale3.png


Brass      Bronze     Dk Blue  Steel Blue   Yellow        Pink        Purple         Teal          Green

Niobium Seamless Tubing

These are soft, formable, seamless tubes that color great!

Niobium Tubing

    12ga  (2mm) Niobium/1% Zirconium, wall is .010"

        Random lengths of approx. 11 inches                       $3.50 ea


    3/4 in (19mm) Niobium, wall is .065"

        Forgable, stretchable ring stock                               $9.77/in


How to Color Titanium for Jewelry DVD  by Noel Yovovich

Discover why titanium is the "magic metal" with accomplished jewelry artist Noel Yovovich! Titanium is light, strong and turns brilliant colors instantly when heated or anodized--something you will explore in depth during this fun workshop.  Learn both methods, plus how to get the most out of the process by using masking, grinding and brush-coloring to get the color you want, where you want it.  Lots of good principles that apply to both titanium and niobium. This is a great DVD which includes all the basics. Great for beginners and accomplished anodizers alike.  73 minutes.  Region Free DVD.  


How to Color Titanium for Jewelry DVD


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