Our Titanium sheet and wire products are all Grade #1 Commercially Pure.  They are ductile and can be formed with some effort.  Industrially it is vacuum or inert gas annealed. Titanium can be heat colored, though the results are less predictable than anodizing.  Titanium will need a chemical cleaning, like our Multi-Etch, to achieve the high voltage bright colors.  It is corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic.

Flat Sheet

This annealed Grade #1 sheet is specially etched to our specifications.  Surface finish and hardness will vary.  Multi-Etch is the non-acid preparation for high voltage anodizing of titanium. 

Minimum 3 x 3 inches, larger in 3 inch incements only. 





                                    $/12" x 12"     $/6" x 12"     $/sq inch

22 ga (.025"/.635mm)     $63.36          $31.68          $.44

26 ga (.016"/.406mm)       59.04            29.52            .41


The same great sheet as above but in odd sizes.  Odd sizes = discounted special pricing for you!

Sold by the piece only in the sizes listed.  First come, first served.  Does not qualify for blanket discounts.

22 ga (.025"/.635mm)    $/piece

5.5" x 12" 

5.75" x 12"

5.875" x 12"

7" x 12"






•Atomic #22

•Atomic Weight 47.9

•Lattice-Close pkd hex

•Melting Pt 3038˚F/1668˚C

•Density .163 lb/in3

Round Rod & Wire

Custom drawn Commercially Pure Grade #1 Titanium specially acid cleaned for jewelry applications.  Multi-Etch provides the perfect surface for bright, high voltage anodizing.  Available in coil & straight rod (STRT). Whole foot increments; Exception: 1.125" bar in 6" increments.

                                                          $/ ft

           1.125"  (28.57mm)STRT      $132.00  annealed

              4 ga   (.204"/5.18mm)         10.06  annealed

              8 ga   (.125"/3.25mm)           4.45  annealed

            10 ga   (.102"/2.59mm)           3.12  annealed

            12 ga   (.081"/2.06mm)           2.23  annealed

            14 ga   (.064"/1.63mm)           1.43  half-hard

            16 ga   (.051"/1.30mm)             .94 half-hard

            16 ga   (.051"/1.30mm)STRT     .57 half-hard

            18 ga   (.040"/1.02mm)             .62  annealed

            20 ga   (.032"/0.81mm)             .41  annealed

            24 ga   (.020"/0.51mm)             .18  annealed

            30 ga   (.010"/0.25mm)             .13  annealed

Titanium Starter Kit

Includes: "Guide to Using the Reactive Metals", 4pp;  Sheet: 3"x 6"x 22ga, 3"x 6"x 26ga, 3"x3" 26ga Krystal Titanium; Wire: 3' 16ga, 10' 18ga, 12' 20ga, 20' 24ga.

Save 15%!     $34.06

Titanium Starter Kit

Krystal Titanium©

Grade #2 Commercially Pure Titanium sheet--vacuum annealed and etched to reveal the Close Packed Hexagonal crystal structure. This metal is spectacular! It is annealed and forms well. You can actually hear the crystals move as it is bent. Heat colors nicely. If you want the bright high voltage colors it will need a quick dip in hot Multi-Etch.  Maximum  6 x 12 inches, Minimum 3 x 3 inches, larger in 3 inch increments.

Krystal Titanium Sheet
Krystal Titanium Sheet

                                      $/6" x 12"     $/sq inch

24 ga (.020"/.508mm)     $77.52          $1.08

26 ga (.016"/.406mm)

3+" x 3"   $12.51 ea

3+" x 6"     25.02 ea

3+" x 9"     37.53 ea

3+" x 12"     50.04 ea

Square Rod

Grade #2 (read as hard) titanium.  Its surface is smooth and the ends are angled.  In a large vise we have twisted it and formed it into bracelets.  It can be hot worked, just a lot of clean-up. 

9" Length  .140"/3.556mm   $6.30 each

Titanium Square Rod


An anodizing breakthrough! At last, a safer way to prepare titanium for high voltage anodizing. Cleans niobium & titanium and erases anodizing mistakes. It etches copper, brass, pewter, steel and will clean light fire scale from sterling. Multi-Etch is shipped dry in its own one gallon storage container.  Just add distilled water. Works best in a heated acid resistant container (plastic in a double boiler) and requires positive ventilation and safety equipment. Can also be used at room temperature.  See instructions for mixing requirements.  Do not use or store in glass!  Contains no hydrofluoric or nitric acids!  Each unit makes up to 1 gallon of etch. For more information visit https://www.multietch.com.  

Shipped domestically via UPS Ground ONLY.  Please note this product is not eligible for resale!


Multi Etch
Etched vs. Unetched titanium

                                  Unetched Titanium


This titanium sample has been masked and partially treated with Multi-Etch & Scotch Brite pads.  It was anodized at the same time, demonstrating the brilliant colors of chemically cleaned titanium.

1-2 units   $55.00 ea

3-10 units     53.00 ea

11-30 units     46.00 ea

31-99 units     42.00 ea

100+ units     40.00 ea

Watch our Multi-Etch instructional video!

How to Color Titanium for Jewelry DVD  by Noel Yovovich

Discover why titanium is the "magic metal" with accomplished jewelry artist Noel Yovovich! Titanium is light, strong and turns brilliant colors instantly when heated or anodized--something you will explore in depth during this fun workshop.  Learn both methods, plus how to get the most out of the process by using masking, grinding and brush-coloring to get the color you want, where you want it.  Lots of good principles that apply to both titanium and niobium. This is a great DVD which includes all the basics. Great for beginners and accomplished anodizers alike.  73 minutes.  Region Free DVD.  


How to Color Titanium for Jewelry DVD