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Studio Preparation and Coloring of Titanium by Bill Seeley

Based on over two years of research, this masters thesis stands as the dominant publication in the field.  It is written for the studio artist and clearly describes the reactive metals, their uses and the anodizing equipment necessary for their coloring.  Included in each booklet is an "Anodizing Update", a reprint from Metalsmith, Fall 1983 and a 1" x 3" x 100 volt anodized Titanium color scale.  20 pages, soft cover, lay flat spiral bound.




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Studio preparation & coloring of titanium bill seeley

How to Color Titanium for Jewelry DVD  by Noel Yovovich

Discover why titanium is the "magic metal" with accomplished jewelry artist Noel Yovovich! Titanium is light, strong and turns brilliant colors instantly when heated or anodized--something you will explore in depth during this fun workshop.  Learn both methods, plus how to get the most out of the process by using masking, grinding and brush-coloring to get the color you want, where you want it.  Lots of good principles that apply to both titanium and niobium. This is a great DVD which includes all the basics. Great for beginners and accomplished anodizers alike.  73 minutes.  Region Free DVD.  


how to color titanium for jewelry DVD noel yovovich

Hydrogen Peroxide Pickle

The formulas in this paper were developed by Bill Seeley at the University of Kansas and provide a fast and easy way to remove pink oxides. Many copper alloys (brass, bronze, etc) will appear reddish after heating and normal pickling.  This red oxide layer can be removed with this process using simple household chemicals.  

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Creative Metal Forming by Betty Helen Longhi and Cynthia Eid

Two accomplished metalsmiths, both with extensive teaching careers, have joined forces to provide a comprehensive survey of the ways to form sheet metal.  The 256 page text covers a huge swath, from a basic dapped disk through synclasting, anticlasting and spiculums, to a raised vessel.  Along the way, special attention is given to anticlastic forming and the vocabulary first introduced by their mentor, Heikki Seppa.  Creative Metals Forming includes 35 detailed exercises to explain the basics as well as advanced nuances of each category.  Metalsmiths Michael Good and Nancy Linkin have each contributed demonstrations of their forming techniques also.  Full color, hard cover w/jacket. 256 pages, 700+ photos, 70 illustrations.


creative metal forming betty helen longhi cynthia eid


Patina Basics DVD by Tim McCreight**

Tim McCreight, with his usual easy approach, describes the exciting world of patinas in this informative and entertaining video shot in his kitchen.  Topics include supplies, metal preparation and application methods. Tim's practical approach focuses on safe, typical household chemicals like ammonia and vinegar.  By taking the mystery out of these ancient techniques, "Patina Basics" invites experimentation and discovery.  70 minutes.  Region 1, NTSC Format.



patina basics dvd tim mccreight

Patinas for Small Studios by Charles Lewton-Brain

This paper describes safer, easy patination methods for metals that involve kitchen and other easily obtainable chemicals to produce blues, greens, browns, blacks, grey and reddish tones on metals. Application methods and options for pattern and surface control are described.  34 pages, 5 color pictures.


patinas for small studios charles lewton brain


Coloring Base Metals, A Practical Guide by Christine Cox

From the foreword by Tim McCreight:

"This compact volume contains edge to edge information, clearly presented in terms that we all understand. Here's a boast not every book can make: you can read this and start working on a gorgeous patina in the time it would take to cook a pizza. That's because Christine demonstrates how to use familiar household chemicals like ammonia and salt to color metal.

In addition to its practicality, Coloring Base Metals deserves special credit for its vitality. You won't see these words written, but at the top of each page it could say, "Hey, wanna see something really cool?" The author's infectious enthusiasm permeates every page and I am certain it will infect you too."


coloring base metals christine cox


Mokume Gane, In the Small Shop DVD by Steve Midgett

Here is the classic and complete "how to" guide for creating quality diffusion bonded mokume gane. Using tools you probably already own, Midgett takes you through the process he developed and shows you how to make beautiful mokume gane on a small scale.  Sections included cover appropriate metals for mokume, diffusion theory and building what Midgett calls the $10 gas kiln. Also demonstrated are step by step instructions on laminating a mokume billet, making it into sheet and a variety of patterning techniques.  

2 DVD Set, 138 minutes.


mokume gane in the small shop dvd steve midgett


Mokume Gane with Chris Ploof DVD by Chris Ploof

Viewers will step into expert jeweler and artist Chris Ploof's studio to learn about the Japanese metalworking craft mokume gane.  They'll watch as Chris demonstrates all the steps they need to master this complex metalsmithing technique in this 89 minute DVD workshop.

Plus, they'll get tips for creating two beautiful mokume gane patterns to start creating stunning decorative jewelry designs.  Jewelry artists will want to order a copy of the workshop DVD to:  Start the right way--learn tips for cleaning your metal for successful billet building • Avoid over firing their billet with careful torch maneuvering techniques so their metal doesn't become a "ruined pile of goo" • Accessibly create mokume gane at home, discover alternative low tech tools and detailed steps to conquer this technical skill • Learn two different texturing methods for their mokume gane  • Create a billet large enough to yield two mokume gane rings and much more!  

89 minutes, Region Free


mokume gane dvd chris ploof


Advanced Mokume Gane with Chris Ploof DVD by Chris Ploof

Get a look into the creative and expressive art of mokume gane patterning as you join expert metalsmith Chris Ploof for this instructional workshop DVD.  Go in-depth and explore four advanced patterning techniques that Chris has honed from years of trial and error.  Discover ways to pattern mokume gane including twisting, carving and hammering unique shapes and designs.  Plus, with up close shots and multiple examples of each technique, you'll see which patterns you can achieve.

Get your copy of this workshop DVD today to:  Learn specific considerations for refining your mokume gane including rolling, annealing and flattening • Discover important safety measures for cutting into mokume gane and working with power tools  •  Explore different ways to create artistic patterns in mokume gane by carving, twisting and using chasing and repousse techniques • Create different decorations in your metal including repeating four-pointed stars, random ripple-like shapes and customized designs of your own  • See exactly what the final look of the metal will be with up close shots and examples of ways to modify each technique.  135 minutes, Region Free

advanced mokume gane chris ploof



The Complete Metalsmith Professional Edition by Tim McCreight

This revised edition has become standard text for classes around the world. The clear layout and concise format give you the help you need in practical and easy to understand terms. Hundreds of topics are covered from abrasives to woven wire. This text may well become the most useful tool on your bench!  299 pages.  1600 drawings. Wrap around lay flat binding.  




Fold Forming by Charles Lewton-Brain

More than 20 years ago, Canadian goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain invented a radical way to develop forms in metal sheet.  In the ensuing decades, he has led hundreds of metalsmiths to explore and expand on his pioneering work. Now, for the first time, the results of those efforts are compiled into a comprehensive resource. With practical techniques and over 450 photographs, this groundbreaking book sets a standard for breadth, authority and inspiration.  160 pages, full color, hardcover w/dust jacket.



fold forming charles lewton brain

The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry by Joanna Gollberg

When you are ready to learn extensive jewelry making techniques and high quality craftsmanship, this comprehensive resource is exactly what you need. A wealth of information, detailed illustration and many handy "bench tips" on materials and methods, will enable you to make individualized, one of a kind pieces. In addition, the hundreds of color photographs of imaginative contemporary works are inspiring. Lavishly illustrated with many artists represented.  175 pages, full color, hardcover.



art & craft of making jewelry joanna gollberg

Professional Jewelry Making by Alan Revere

When master goldsmith Alan Revere published Professional Goldsmithing in 1991, he brought traditional European trade education to the US for the first time, adapting it for an American audience. The book was a best seller and quickly became a standard text in the field. To mark the 20th anniversary of this groundbreaking work, Revere and Brynmorgen Press offer a revised and expanded edition that includes new projects, scores of new photos and a handsome new layout. What hasn't changed is the precise instruction that makes this edition a fitting testament to its predecessor.  360 pages, full color, hard cover, over 800 photos.



professional jewelry making alan revere

Metals Technic Contributors: Cogwell, Fike, Good, Kingsley, LaPlantz, Lewton-Brain, McCreight, Okim, Patzlaff, Sanford, Scherr and Seppa.

In its second printing, this collection of twelve chapters by a dozen well known metalworkers provides insight into specific techniques like granulation, reticulation, fold forming, anticlastic raising, tool making and more.  160 pages, two color throughout, soft cover, 145 illustrations.



Metals technic


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