Anodizers Tape

This is a special transparent, electrically resistive tape.  It is the single most effective masking medium used today.  Great for anodic painting resists where freehand cutting is desired.  72 yard roll.


1/16" width   $6.65

     2" width   $49.14

     4" width   $103.95


        Titanium Painting by Bill Seeley using Scotch Brite Pads and Anodizers Tape

This is a highly effective, opaque masking tape that can be used in most electroplating, anodizing (aluminum too) and etching processes.  It is so resilient it makes a great sandblast mask.  It stretches up to 225%.  36 yard roll.

Platers Tape


2" width   $77.13

4" width   $135.77

PnP Blue Image Transfer (Press n Peel Blue)


Make laser printer or photo copier masks, of any image, for anodizing and acid etching in minutes (not inkjet or bubblejet).  PnP Blue has a tough clear backing that is coated with a second blue layer of transfer media.  When the image is transferred on to metal, the blue transfers too.  This adds an extra thick coating of protection.  Great for anodizing.  This is a great imaging material for non-ferrous metals.  It works well in Ferric Chloride and Multi Etch.  After use the resist is removed easily with lacquer thinner.  8.5" x 11" sheets.

5 Sheet Pack          $8.08

20 Sheet Pack       $32.33

100 Sheet Pack   $142.65

PnP Transfer Iron

The perfect iron for PnP Blue and other heat sealable films.  A dedicated, adjustable iron designed for heat sealing. The small footprint allows for fast, controlled heat transfer. Complete with a teflon cover for non-stick performance and instructions for metal transfers.  1.5" x 4" base, 115V/60Hz.

Iron w/teflon cover        $156.00 

         Teflon covers           $1.46

PnP Blue Transfer Iron Kit

Everything you need to get started and at a special discounted price.  Includes: Transfer Iron, 2 extra Teflon covers & 5 sheets of PnP Blue.


Mighty Mask

Precision pre-cut designs in high strength clear vinyl!  Peel & stick masks for anodizing, acid etching and light sand/bead blasting.  Solid sheets with both positive and negative images.  Moving complex designs is best accomplished with Terrific Transfer Tape.


Basic Shapes $8.99   6" x 12"

Assorted shapes from 1/4" to 1/2"

Lines & Waves $8.99   6" x 12"

Assorted Lines in thickness from 1/16" to 1/4"

Use both positive and negatives!

        Earrings using Mighty Masks,

Scotch Brite Pads & Nb Reg Loops

Flowers & Leaves $8.99   6" x 12"

Assorted shapes in sizes from 3/8" to 5/8"

Use with Terrific Transfer Tape for best results!

        Earrings using Mighty Masks,

Scotch Brite Pads & Nb Reg Loops

Circles $8.99   6" x 12"

Assorted circles from 3/16" to 1"

Plain Mighty Mask (uncut) $3.99   6" x 12"

Use our Soft Touch Knife, craft punches or scissors to cut your own designs!

Intricate Lace designs 

work best when used with

Terrific Transfer Tape

for flawless moving of your

mask to your piece.

Lace #1 $5.99   6" x 6"

Lace #2 $5.99   6" x 6"

Terrific Transfer Tape

Easy to use transfer tape is the "extra hand" when you are transferring intricate or multi part masks to your metal.  Picks up all the pieces at once for precise application.  

6" x 12" sheet       $1.49 


Mighty Mask Kit

Includes one each of all seven Mighty Mask designs plus 2 sheets of Terrific Transfer Tape.  Save 10%!



A 4" hard rubber brayer that's perfect for laying down Mighty Masks and Terrific Transfer Tape.  A must have application tool.  Also good for laying down Anodizers & Platers Tapes, as well as our Lace Tapes and Surface Saver Tape!



Bone Folder

This high quality Bone Folder made of smooth polished plastic is ideal for burnishing the edges of masks and tape to prevent leaks.  Makes crisp folds in thin metals and foils.  


Soft Touch Knife

This uniquely designed art knife gives you great flexibility in cutting.  Get right to the point and make small incisions or very long cuts.  The cushioned RibGrip handle allows for longer, more comfortable cutting sessions.  Cap included. Limited Lifetime Warranty.


         Blade 5 pack          $4.36


Mighty Mask Tool Kit

Includes Brayer, Bone Folder and Soft Touch Knife.  Save 10%!


The Whole Shebang

Includes both the Mighty Mask Kit and the Mighty Mask Tool Kit....everything in one giant kit!  (Does not include Blade 5 pack).



Lace Tapes     

Introducing our newest masking Lace Tapes!  Beautifully cut precision patterns on a roll make them a perfect choice for bracelets as well as pendants and earrings. Also great for bead blasting resists! Easily cut to length with scissors.  Apply with our Brayer for best adhesion. These work best with our paintbrushes or Marker Lead rather than in the bath.

Mini Rolls    10mm width x 6meter length   $6.50 ea







Sample using 

#M1 Lace Tape


Medium Rolls    15mm width x 10meter length   $7.75 ea








Sample using 

#L1 Lace Tape and #M6 Lace Tape as a bead blasting resist

Earrings using Nb Flat Discs, Lace Tape #S4, Scotch Brite Pads and Nb Reg Loops

Grand Rolls    15mm width x 10meter length   $9.00 ea



Grand Rolls-Petite    15mm width x  6meter length   $7.75 ea





Circular Rolls    30mm width x 5meter length   $12.75 ea

**Note: Circular Roll Lace Tapes work best on shiny surfaces using our Paintbrush leads





Wide Rolls    50mm width x 10meter length   $16.50 ea

**Note: Wide Roll Lace Tapes work best on shiny surfaces using our Paintbrush leads





Sample using 

#L1 Lace Tape and #M6 Lace Tape as a bead blasting resist

Sample painted using our

Paint Brush Leads and

#L2 Lace Tape as a resist

Sample using 

#L4 Lace Tape and

Circles Mighty Mask



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