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• What are your hours? 

    Hours: 8:15 am to 4 pm MST (we don't observe Daylight Savings Time), Monday - Friday. Closed Christmas through New Years Day and all major holidays.


• Do you have a minimum order requirement?

    Our minimum order is $25 although that is not a hard and fast rule.  Keep in mind your shipping costs might look unreasonable if you are only ordering a small amount.


• Can I order online?

    We do not offer online ordering at this time, however, you can download our order form from the Ordering Info tab and submit by email or fax. 


• How do I place an order?

    You may fill out our order form from the Ordering Info tab above, call us at 800-876-3434(US) or 928-634-3434, fax us at 928-634-6734 or email us.


• Do you offer terms?

    We offer Net 10 day terms to qualified individuals/businesses.  Net 30 day terms are offered only to Colleges and Universities.


• How can I pay for my order?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Please see our Ordering info page for more options.


• What is your return policy?

    All returns must be authorized.  Returned merchandise must be in like new condition and will be subject to a 10%
restocking charge. (Unless it is our error.)  No returns on books, CD/DVD's or electrical equipment (unless it failed under warranty) or clearance items.


• What are my shipping options?

    We ship all US Mail services and all UPS services.  We can ship Fed Ex Air services but they are generally more expensive.  We cannot ship Fed Ex Ground.


• What are your shipping and handling costs?

    We charge exact shipping/insurance (what we are charged) plus $3 for domestic handling or $7 for foreign handling.


• Do you offer wholesale pricing?

    Wholesale pricing comes in the form of quantity buying--the more you buy, the cheaper it is.  If you need higher price breaks than you see listed in our catalog, please contact us.



• Do you have a print catalog?

    We do not.  Market prices change so rapidly we have found it to be too costly to print with each new revision.  You may download and print or just browse our online catalog from our homepage.



• Can I use your anodizing machines to plate? Can I use my plating machine to anodize?

    No.  Plating power supplies and Anodizing power supplies use the opposite volts and amps.  Platers need low volts/high amps and Anodizers need high volts/low amps.


• Can I solder Niobium and Titanium?

    Not using traditional methods.  You can MIG, TiG or laser weld (using an argon setup).


• What's the difference between Niobium and Titanium?

    Although they are "sister" metals, Titanium is lighter, costs less and has more of a matte finish in most cases.  Titanium requires an acid etch to get a full color range and bright colors.  Niobium is easier to color, has a shinier surface finish and is more malleable than Titanium.  Both are hypoallergenic. 


• Can I anneal Niobium and Titanium?

    Not unless you have a vacuum annealer.  Both are very slow to work harden. 


• Can I anodize Titanium black?

    No.  That is a vapor deposition process.


• Can I use lacquer or another type of sealant to protect the color on my Niobium/Titanium pieces?

    You can, but anything you put between the color and the light (finger prints, coatings, etc) will change the way the light is refracted.  This might not be a bad thing, but it will be different than the original unprotected color.


• How is your Mokume priced?

    Products containing gold and the Crinkle are priced by the lot.  You'll pay the same until the lot is gone.  All others change with the daily spot pricing.


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