Flat Discs

Flat Niobium Discs in 4 diameters from our 28ga (.013"/.33mm) sheet. Anodize multiple designs using our Mighty Masks, Lace Tapes, PnP Blue, Anodizer's or Plater's Tapes.  Easy to dome using our Wood Dapping Block Set. Punch with our Hole Punch Pliers and slip in an earwire for an easy to put together earring.  Buy bulk and save!

                                            Each          10+          26+

3/8"(.375"/9.525mm)    $.48          $.44         $.36

1/2"(.500"/12.70mm)      .92            .84          .69

3/4"(.750"/19.05mm)    1.77          1.62         1.33

7/8"(.875"/22.23mm)    2.50          2.29         1.87

Earrings using Nb Flat Discs, Mighty Masks Flowers & Leaves, Scotch Brite Pads, Nb Reg Loops & Hole Punch Pliers

Earrings using Nb Flat Discs, Mighty Masks Lines & Waves, Scotch Brite Pads, Nb Reg Loops & Hole Punch Pliers

30ga (.010"/.254mm) precut Niobium Discs in 3 diameters and 13 styles.  Anodize then sand off the raised areas with our Soft Touch Sanding Pads and re-anodize at a lower voltage for stunning results! Combine styles within a size for price breaks. **Please note exact duplication of pattern is not guaranteed.

Patterned Discs

                                            Each          10+          26+

1/2"(.500"/12.70mm)    $1.17      $1.10         $.98

3/4"(.750"/19.05mm)      1.86        1.74         1.50

7/8"(.875"/22.23mm)      2.66        2.49         2.15

Patterned Disc Kits:  1 pair of each of the 13 designs.  26 pcs total.  Save 10%!

1/2"   $22.93

3/4"     35.10

7/8"     50.31

         7/8"            3/4"        1/2"

Zephyr shown

Glacier             Bamboo             Escher               Tiger

Earrings using Nb Patterned Discs, Nb Jump Rings, Nb Reg Loops, Soft Touch Pads & Hole Punch Pliers

Sample painted using our

Paint Brush Leads and

 an Inca Niobium Patterned Disc



Scales                 Fizz                Flourish               Geo                 Feather



Tribal              Tropics                 Inca                Zephyr


Necklace using Flat & Patterned Nb Discs, Lace Tape #M5, Ti Jump Rings, Ti Double Rope Chain, Ti Clasp, Soft Touch Pads & Hole Punch Pliers

Earrings made using Nb Patterned Discs, Nb Wire, Nb Reg Loops, Nb Balls, Nb Tubing, &

Soft Touch Pads

Earrings made using Nb Patterned Discs, craft brads,

Nb Reg Loops, Soft Touch Pads & Hole Punch Pliers

Earrings made using Nb Patterned Discs,

Nb Jump Rings, Nb Reg Loops, Hole Punch Pliers & Soft Touch Pads

Soft Touch Pads

Great for removing anodizing on raised surfaces (like our Nb Patterned Discs!).  Handy for doing small jobs and repair projects.  The foam core provides additional flexibility and conformity, while being easy to hold and operate.  Silicon carbide crystals on a resilient layer over cloth back.  2" x 2" pads.  Available in 100MX, 120MX, 150MX, 180MX, 240MX, 320MX, 360MX & 400MX.  Please specify grit size.

                                                                       $1.54 each

Soft Touch Pad Kit (1 each of 8 grits) Save 10%!  $11.09 each


Metal Hole Punch Pliers

Our newly designed hole punch pliers will punch niobium & titanium to 20gauge and copper or silver as thick as 18gauge.  With ergonomic handles and tempered replaceable pin, these pliers will save you time and money.  The pliers are made of thick carbon steel and come with an extra replaceable pin.  Additional pins available in packs of five.  1.25mm pin diameter, 5.25" (135mm) Length.  

Hole Punch Plier (1.25mm)    $14.95 

1.25mm Pin Kit (5 piece)        $6.95


Wood Dapping Block Set

Ideal for the delicate colored surface on Niobium and Titanium, this all wood set has 8 different sized punches/depressions to meet all your doming needs. Perfect for our Niobium Patterned Discs! Protect your discs with Surface Saver Tape to prevent scratching when dapping.  Depression block has the 6 smallest depressions on one side and 2 largest on the back side.  All contained in a handy stand.  Depression sizes: 11mm, 14mm, 17mm, 20mm, 23mm, 25mm, 29mm and 32mm.  Punch sizes: 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 24mm, 28mm and 31mm.  



Surface Saver Tape


Protect your delicate surfaces when further processing is required such as sanding, forming, drilling, bead blasting, filing, etc. Great for protecting items from scratching during storage and transport. Leaves no residue when removed.  Not suitable for use as an anodizing resist.  1.5" wide x 100 yd roll.



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