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Jama Crawford
Feb 23, 2018
In Niobium & Titanium
Hello, thanks for answering my question about paint brush sparking. Now I have two questions about thermal oxidation. First, I really like the torch process and the result, so I hope your answers are the ones I want to hear. 1. I read thermal oxidation of titanium is toxic, by "releasing" titanium oxides. It was a comment on youtube, not necessarily a credible source. The titanium oxides are built up on the metal, right? Is there a known health risk of heating titanium in a closed space? I don't have a fan at my bench. I open a window in warmer weather but it is closed in winter. Is a face mask recommended? 2. How durable are torch fired colors? Is anodizing more durable? What I noticed was the torched oxidation was thicker and less prone to scratches. But if it turns gray in a month's time, it wasn't worth my time or the value of other materials. I read there are no clear coats for titanium - is that true? I am a beginner at titanium, anodizing or torching. I used flux on this pendant (I know flux is toxic) and the colors were torch fired. This is your crystalline titanium paired with a small lapis. Thnx for any advice on using torch on titanium.
Thermal oxidation of titanium content media
Jama Crawford
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